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 about Ada East
mining sector


The main mining activity carried out in the District is salt mining, by the Songor Salt Project, individual small- scale miners, and Co-operative Groups. As indicated earlier about 10 percent of the active population in the District is employed in the sector.

Salt Mining
The Songor Salt Project is a major salt mining complex in the District. The acquisition area covers a total area of about 12,500 acre around the Songor Lagoon area. It currently employs a labour force of about 300 and produces about 90,000 metric tonnes of salt annually for the local market and export to Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria.

The company has a capacity of producing 1 million tonnes of salt annually when in full production and is capable of employing over 1500 labour force. The company’s product forms the basis of the proposed Petrochemical Industry, including the production of caustic soda, chlorine, PVC Pipes etc.

The District benefits from the company through:
  •  Employment generation
  •  Receivable from property and basic rates and Royalties.
  • Support towards local initiatives in the district namely education, water andsanitation, and roads.
The major problem besetting the Songor project is conflict of ownership of the project. Apart from the salt mining activity from, the Songor Salt Project, there are various co-operative mining groups located around the lagoon as well as individual miners. These groups depend entirely on evaporation and completely out of business during the heavy rains in May to September.

Sand and Gravel Winning
Large scale sand and gravel winning occurs in Tojeh, Sege and along the coast for road construction and the building industry. The organisations pay licenses, levies and royalties to the district and Landowners.

It is important for the office of the district Assembly to liase with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure total reclamation in these areas to avoid the destruction of the environment and also coastal erosion.

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